Gerdau Ouro Branco steel plant

Project nominated for the Excellence in education and training Steelie Award 2022

Tata Steel aspires to be the most valuable and respected steel company globally and emerge as a “Global Steel Industry benchmark” for value creation and corporate citizenship.

To realise this aspiration, the company wanted to transform into a more agile Tata Steel that could make timely, effective changes in response to a dynamic environment and constantly renew itself to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Tata Steel launched the Agile Transformation Journey, “UDAAN” in July 2021. A key facet of this transformation was to evolve a future-ready culture underpinned by 4 Agile Behaviours as follows:

  • Be Accountable – ownership and accountability;
  • Work Together – collaboration;
  • Respond Quickly – responsiveness;
  • Unleash – people development (for senior leaders); Evolve – team building (for others).

It was imperative to educate and train our officers on the 4 Agile behaviours to enable them to adopt and demonstrate these behaviours consistently. We also needed a way to baseline where we were on the 4 behaviours, and the impact of the capability building intervention in achieving a positive shift in these behaviours.

Tata Steel used 360-degree feedback on behaviours for every officer at the start and towards the end of the intervention to measure the effectiveness of the intervention.

To drive this journey, the Tata Steel leadership team took charge of practising and role modelling the agile behaviours at their level first, followed by adoption and implementation down the levels in the organisation.