Project nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Award 2021

Tata Steel Limited operates an integrated steel value chain ranging from mining, iron and steelmaking to providing products and services to customers.

Hence, building a value-based safety culture among the workforce with a diversified socio-economical background is of the utmost priority. Over the years, Tata Steel has developed 87 safety standards for driving safe work practices; however, the deployment of these standards was not uniform across the value chain.

As such, as apex long-term safety and health strategy, simplification of safety standards for effective dissemination was undertaken along with the development of e-learning modules for roll-out across the company.

Using impactful visuals based on real-life scenarios, storytelling and gamification, 24 prioritised highly voluminous technical safety standards have been converted into simplified documents & multilingual e-learning modules to date in FY21. These modules were mapped to all Tata Steel employees as per their role.

In the first phase, 10 of these modules were assigned to employees. ‘On-the-go’ mobility is ensured through Tata Steel’s intranet IT portal and mobile application. Despite the limitations posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as of 25th July 2021, 81.7% of assigned modules were completed by the Tata Steel workforce, a great response.

The Management Information System (MIS) is reviewed by the CEO & MD and the senior leadership team. Over the next 2 years, all 87 safety standards will be simplified and rolled out to the workforce.

This unique & highly agile learning and development process, which won the Brandon Hall silver recognition, has huge market potential and can be horizontally deployed in similar industries across the world.