Programme nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Steelie Award 2023

Tata Steel has introduced a pioneering learning initiative called ‘Schools of Excellence (SoEs)’ to structurally enable the 70:20:10 model of learning, with special emphasis on involving learners actively in the learning process for effective skill development.

SoEs are aimed at developing critical bench strength in core technical and digital domains through a 3-stage learning journey (Basic -> Intermediate -> Advanced). It combines classroom/online sessions, mentorships and action-learning projects (ALPs).

Learners’ proficiency levels are evaluated as Silver, Gold or Platinum based on assessments and ALPs reviewed by our SMEs (Subject Matter Expert).

The initiative has already shown significant business impact with improvements in productivity and cost reduction. Over ~2800 employees have undergone the learning journey in the past year with more than 100 employees completing the ‘Advanced’ level programme across various domains. ~1150 have been silver/gold/platinum certified after a rigorous assessment process and evaluation of ~500 ALPs submitted as assignments.

These ALPs have resulted in multi-faceted benefits for the organisation along with an unaudited saving of ~ USD 3.7 Mn. The expertise gained by learners has resulted in increased productivity in various processes at the workplace.

The initiative can be applied to other organisations and has been extended to external clients successfully.