Project nominated for the Excellence in low-carbon steel production Steelie 2022

By acquiring data such as electricity, water, gas, oxygen and steam etc., in real-time and implementing cutting-edge technologies such as remote auto-centralised control systems with high stability, mixed gas intelligence online scheduling and distribution and auto variable load control for the air separation unit etc., digital and networking remote operations were fulfilled for 37 workstations in six sections.

A CO2 emissions calculating system was developed. The successful use of the project reduces energy in the hot stove reheating furnace by 40%, lowers consumption of gas, water and oxygen etc., improves the rate of waste energy reuse, produces an economic profit of RMB 167,390,000, and cuts CO2, SO2 and NOx by 164,500t, 526t and 458t, respectively.

Energy analysis and optimisation models were also built for specific production processes, as well as for the whole site, and were used to analyse and optimise energy consumption.

The development of energy-flow prediction and coupled technology for mass-flow ensures schedule optimisation for gas, steam, electricity and other inputs.