Programme nominated for the Excellence in Sustainability Steelie Award 2023

Over the last two years, ProPymes has focused on developing the capabilities of company supply chains, and has reinforced the key sustainability axis of environment, industry 4.0, and quality technical education.

To achieve this, training courses were offered to the different SMEs within the companies’ value chain. As a result, over 5,300 participants, attended 94,462 hours in class during 2022.

The programme’s achievements are communicated internally and externally through:

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Radio, newspapers, and specialised magazines and publications
  • ProPymes webpage
  • Internal newsletter
  • Media events and conventions
  • Leadership and replicability:
    ProPymes is a replicable programme launched in 2002 in Argentina, from 72 participants to more than 2,000 in Argentina and México.
  • Connects SMEs with government entities and industry chambers by promoting participation in events and conventions to discuss the sector’s economic context.

Relevance and criticality – ProPymes is a complete programme across the three sustainability approaches:

  • Economic: with the strengthening and improvement of competitiveness of the value chain.
  • Social: ProPymes is involved in each region where it is located, through its customers and suppliers by empowering local technical schools in their knowledge and future.
  • Environment: where promotes and leads, in an integrated way, the environmental performance of the steel industry and its value chain.

A fortified value chain ultimately promotes the development of a strong local industrial infrastructure in the company.