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Windfarm against a blue sky
24 June 2022

Wind power is helping meet world’s need for sustainable steel

With sustainable steel increasingly crucial to meeting the world’s climate targets, manufacturers are turning to wind power to decarbonise production.

12 May 2022

Recycling to be made more efficient with steel-built home processing unit

A revolutionary new approach to recycling aims to bring the process into people’s homes, guaranteeing closed loop recycling and product remanufacture.

5 May 2022

Portable hand washing station boosts water security

A stainless-steel built wash station offers portable sanitisation with a high-tech, decentralised water recycling and quality system that is being deployed across the city of Tokyo.

29 March 2022

Interceptor solar-powered automated boat is cleaning polluted rivers

The Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor is a steel-built, automated river-cleaning catamaran that scoops up plastic waste, collecting it for recycling.

steel solar panels
29 October 2021

World’s largest solar power plant delivers 24-hour energy

Noor power station in Morocco is the largest concentrated solar power plant on the planet.

A POSCO Triton block being loaded for installation
3 August 2021

Innovative use of co-products supports marine regeneration

Artificial reefs made of steel slag have been used to create sea forests off the coast of South Korea.