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Data centre server racks
19 April 2024

Africa’s data revolution is underpinned by steel

A steel-built network of data centres is being constructed in Africa, revolutionising the continent’s internet speeds.

EcoPulse and alternative propulsion aircraft
20 February 2024

Alternative propulsion will power the future of air travel

As the air industry faces up to a world where more sustainable flight is crucial to its future survival, the race for greener propulsion is on.

8 December 2023

Transforming transport in Nigeria’s megacity

The Lagos Mass Transit System in Nigeria represents a new future for transport in one of Africa’s most populous and rapidly growing megacities.

steel toe caps boots
25 September 2023

Steel toecaps are a foundation of worker safety

In the realm of workplace safety, steel toecaps are a fundamental element of protective footwear that have been a cornerstone of occupational health for over nearly 100 years.

8 September 2023

Displate posters combine artistry and durability

Steel Displate posters offer a unique and innovative way to decorate spaces with enduring yet swappable visuals.

18 July 2023

eBike revolution rides on enduring qualities of steel

As urban transport inexorably shifts towards more sustainable models, the global electric bike (eBike) market is only set to grow.

23 May 2023

Sino-German Eco Park puts sustainability at its heart

A collaborative urban development project between China and Germany is harmonising environmental protection, energy efficiency and economic advancement.

The Line (artist's rendition)
16 March 2023

The Line represents new vision for zero-emission cities

A linear smart city is under construction in Saudi Arabia that is designed to have no cars, streets or carbon emissions, and will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

California high-speed rail train rendering
6 February 2023

California to get US’s first high-speed rail system

The California High-Speed Rail Project plans to operate a 320kph bullet train line that connects San Francisco to the Los Angeles Basin in less than three hours.