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7 September 2020

House of Tomorrow Today delivers comfort and sustainability

An experimental home in the Netherlands is providing powerful insights into the principles of sustainable design through the cold-formed steel frame that sits at its core.

A golf club striking a ball against a black background
12 August 2020

Why golf pros continue to choose steel clubs

With ongoing weight improvements, durability and the best ‘feel’, pro golfers choose golf clubs made with steel to deliver the best possible performance.

Artist's rendition of Blagoveshchenks cable car terminal
29 July 2020

The cable car bringing Russia and China together

For the first time in history, two cities will be connected across national borders by cable car.

Aerial view of modern desalination factory in Dubai, UAE
9 July 2020

How desalination technology is hydrating the Middle East

With its corrosion-resistant properties and super-conductive nature, steel plays a star role in the Middle East’s vast desalination industry.

Museum of the Future, Dubai
19 June 2020

Museum of the Future pushes the boundaries of aesthetic design

One of the most challenging and unique building projects in the world, Dubai’s Museum of the Future is a true architectural experiment.

A master blacksmith places on of his sushi knives into a presentation box
7 May 2020

Japan’s master blacksmiths are reliant on steel

Tsubame Sanjo is home to Japan’s master blacksmiths, where generations of craftsmen have shaped steel into some of the world’s most sought after sushi knives.

Artist's rendition of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge
20 April 2020

World’s longest suspension bridge will connect Europe and Asia

Scheduled to open in 2023, the Canakkale 1915 bridge will be a steel-built infrastructure, spanning the Dardanelles strait that separates the European and Asian continents.

Artist's Ras Abu Aboud stadium
10 March 2020

World Cup shipping container stadium aims for post-2022 legacy

Modified steel shipping containers are being used to construct the Ras Abu Aboud stadium in Qatar for the 2022 Fifa World Cup.

Sarens 'Big Carl' crane
24 February 2020

World’s biggest crane ‘Big Carl’ is steel-built behemoth

The largest crane in the world, the SGC-250, uses the power of high-strength steel to deliver unprecedented lifting capacity.