The member companies of worldsteel are committed to a vision where steel is valued as a major foundation of a sustainable world. This is achieved by a financially sound industry that takes leadership in environmental, social and economic sustainability. - worldsteel


Our sustainability journey has seen three progressive phases since the foundation of worldsteel, formerly IISI, in 1967. The early years saw publications of policies, guidelines, and standards in the areas of environment, life cycle assessment, sustainable development, climate change and safety and health, which have served as the fundamental basis of our sustainability work.

This was subsequently followed by the introduction of a series of programmes and projects including our Sustainability Indicators and Sustainable Development Charter, which have required steel companies’ active engagement and participation.

Further progress has been made with the industry’s increased focus on quality and performance in recent years which has been strongly reflected in our latest programmes: the Steelie AwardsSustainability Champions and our efficiency programme, Step Up.

Our new Sustainability Charter published in March 2022 shows the commitment of many of our members to our voluntary sustainability programmes at worldsteel (CO2 and LCI data, safety and health statistics etc.) as well as their own sustainability journey.  The Charter includes our revised sustainability principles which reflect the evolving business environment and societal expectations.

These reinforced principles reiterate our commitment to being part of the solution for a sustainable society and future, highlighting the priorities of the industry.

The graphic below outlines how our new sustainability principles and related programmes are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A review of our steps and progress in sustainability not only reminds us of our accomplishments but inspires us to be bolder and more ambitious in our journey towards sustainability, which continues with full support from our members.


Our Sustainability Principles are related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our programmes help to ensure that our principles are met by worldsteel and our members.