24 October 2019

Safety leadership – A critical differentiator

worldsteel Safety, Health and Environment Director Andrew Purvis describes the characteristics of a good safety leader and the critical issues surrounding the role.

14 October 2019

2019 General Assembly: worldsteel Chairman's Address

worldsteel Chairman André Johannpeter outlines the progress achieved by the association over the past year and addresses the steel industry's challenges.

17 September 2019

Future mobility - 6 reasons why steel will meet the challenge

Kate Hickey, WorldAutoSteel, explains why steel will remain the material of choice for car owners, manufacturers and designers.

11 September 2019

worldsteel position paper on air quality management

Controlling air quality is a top priority for the steel industry. This position paper addresses the wide variety of control mechanisms to manage air quality and the role of regulatory authorities.

11 September 2019

Dust and how it is managed by the steel industry

Åsa Ekdahl, worldsteel Head, Environment and Climate Change, discusses the issues regulatory authorities should consider when legislating.

18 June 2019

Climate change - Improving operational efficiency

To support the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, worldsteel has introduced the step up programme. Read more in our Head of Technology's blog.

29 May 2019

Economic and social impact of the steel industry

A new Oxford Economics study commissioned by worldsteel underscores the role the steel industry is playing in the global economy and society.

29 May 2019

Economic impact of the global steel industry

Eldar Askerov, our Head of Strategic Studies discusses the findings of a report carried out by Oxford Economics for worldsteel on the economic impact of the steel industry at a global level.

29 April 2019

Steel Data Viewer

worldsteel has launched a new interactive map, featuring charts and tables showing the global evolution of steel production, trade and use since 2000.